Token multi-chain technology

The Livetree #Collective network is blockchain agnostic. This enables users to choose which blockchain they wish to mint their #Collective. Given blockchain technology is still nascent in its development and each blockchain is expected to evolve their technological advantages and underlying native token economies. In line with decentralized principals, individual users are empowered to choose which blockchain they believe provides future technology advantages and which underlying based game-theory native token economics they wish to support. The value of each native token of each blockchain (such as ETH, GLMR, CELO, MOVR, UNQ, QTZ, BNB) are today, typically, driven by gas fees and market speculation.
The Livetree #Collective network currently supports seven Ethereum Virtual Machine (“EVM'') based blockchains and plans to support additional blockchains as users vote and elect them via #LivetreeCollective’s governance. The following surmises the initial rationale for choosing each blockchain:
  1. 1.
    Moonbeam and its canary network Moonriver blockchains: Were chosen for the technical advantages offered by the underlying Parachain/Substrate technology, in particular, with governance, parathread and XCM. Polkadot, developed by Parity, is a well established technology provider within the blockchain industry and has built a sizable developer community.
  2. 2.
    Celo blockchain: the Celo Foundation’s DeFi for the People initiative has pledged funds to bolster regenerative finance (ReFi) liquidity. ReFi and the philanthropic efforts of Celo align with Livetree values. Celo’s blockchain provides relatively low gas fees, speed and community.
  3. 3.
    Ethereum: Provides a relatively mature marketplace of applications across a number of distributed exchanges, tokens pegged to fiat currencies and assets, payment systems, market clearing mechanisms, micropayment systems for distributed computing resources, securities exchanges, crowdfunding, and legal document verification
  4. 4.
    Unique and Quartz: for the technical advantages (offered by its NFT pallet such as chaining) and positive community
  5. 5.
    BNB Chain: for its popularity and connection with the Binance Exchange
As previously outlined, Livetree network participants (SEDC holders who are members of the #LivetreeCollective) can in future propose and vote for other blockchain networks to support, ideally, based on their individual technical and community merits and reach decision via a decentralized proposal driven by the participants of the network.