3. NFT creators and collectors

Challenges faced by NFT collectors and creators on existing platforms:
  • High NFT minting fees
  • No royalties or residual income
  • No NFT fractionalization possibilities
Livetree is a pioneering force in the NFT space, dedicated to empowering NFT Creators and Collectors, including those from renowned platforms like Opensea with over 250k traders and 2.45m users. Through the integration of Collective DAOs, Livetree revolutionizes the NFT experience, enabling artists to tokenize their creations and extend their reach to a broader audience. Notably, Livetree's groundbreaking feature allows NFT collectors to fractionalize high-value NFTs, fostering inclusivity and diversity within the vibrant NFT ecosystem. The strategic partnership with XP Network further solidifies Livetree's position as a leading NFT platform by facilitating seamless NFT importation from established marketplaces like Opensea, attracting more users and strengthening the NFT community on Livetree. Embracing the power of Web3 functionalities, Livetree opens up exciting earning possibilities for NFT Creators and Collectors by leveraging blockchain technology to tokenize content and explore innovative revenue streams within the platform. Additionally, creators can earn from web2 income streams such as pay-per-view, e-gift donations, and live ticketed events.
Furthermore, Livetree offers a user-friendly experience, allowing NFT creators to mint five NFTs for free without gas fees, with minimal charges for subsequent minting, streamlining the process and empowering creators to bring their art to the NFT market effortlessly. With a commitment to constant innovation and support for the NFT community, Livetree stands as a groundbreaking platform that shapes the future of NFTs.