Background & vision

Decentralised technology, also known as blockchain, promised a more efficient and fair Internet. The vision of Web 3.0, the new decentralized medium, was to bring transparency and personal empowerment to the forefront. In this vision, social posts and online data would be rewarded transparently, audited, and royalties would be paid directly to creators. The best creator content, artwork, journalism, and entertainment would receive the recognition and transparent funding they deserved. Data would be used to identify audiences accurately, determine their value, and deliver targeted messages instantly. Blockchain would be the trusted foundation for online collaboration and the transformation of our world. These collective collaborations would prioritize the collective interest over platform benefits.
However, this vision did not become a reality. Instead, the current platform ecosystem dominated by Facebook, X, TikTok, and YouTube has evolved into a complex network of middlemen. These platforms are driven by shareholder interests, ad revenue, and the personal agendas of billionaires, resulting in censorship, market manipulation, and control over the connection between creators and their fans.
It is evident that these platforms do not serve the best interests of creators or the wider public. Furthermore, they have introduced numerous problems such as privacy breaches, market manipulation, high charges for creators compared to their revenue, and hidden censorship. Creators have suffered significant revenue losses while being subjected to the discretion of billionaire owners and shareholder interests.
This paper aims to examine the current state of blockchain technology and the challenges faced by creators. It will propose a new infrastructure and introduce Livetree, a decentralized platform that establishes a transparent, auditable data monetization network for independent creator collectives (a custom creator-focused implementation of a DAO). This innovative infrastructure accurately values and rewards the key driver of Internet content: creator posts and their associated metadata.
Livetree is on a mission to create a decentralized SaaS infrastructure, a pioneering platform leading the way in decentralized machine learning for content monetization. Our strategic market approach provides Creators with unmatched earning opportunities through a diverse set of revenue streams. By earning more, Creators initiate a powerful network effect, on-boarding their fans and fostering the widespread adoption of a decentralized data economy governed by their autonomous AI collectives DAOs.
Our vision is to shape $2.781 trillion decentralized data AI economy by combining a decentralized version of DoubleClick with collectively controlled Agent-GPTs.