Platform fees

Fees charged on each transaction throughout the infrastructure are represented by SEDC. Currently, the fees are set out as follows but are subject to change through on-chain governance and further development of the infrastructure: Subscriptions: Creators enjoy 0% fees on subscriptions, setting us apart from other platforms. Our goal is to dominate the $4 billion creator subscription market currently held by Patreon. Subscription fees gradually increase to 4% after 6 months, remaining more affordable than our competitors.
15% on one-off payments: Pay-per-view, ticketed content, and digital sales are subject to a one-time transaction fee. Livetree supports AI powered mini-apps and filters created by open-source developers. Fees are charged on purchases made from developers and certain in-game transactions.
NFT and token sales: NFTs along with collective membership tokens can be sold in-app or on-chain. Each coin sale incurs a $1 fee. Note users can import NFTs from any chain or convert posts into NFTs within the app, without needing blockchain knowledge.
5% per advertiser transaction: Creators generate revenue by charging advertisers for dynamic ad impressions per million (CPM) and personalized custom sponsored ads. Livetree's infrastructure enables decentralized transactions, utilizes AI for ad insertion, and applies a 7% fee on transactions between creator collectives and advertisers.