A review of the current state of creator content industry

Creators face a constant threat of losing their income due to unpredictable platform changes, regulatory challenges, and algorithmic uncertainties. Think of YouTube’s content censorship policy changes, TikTok’s regulatory challenges, and Twitter’s bot manipulations - these challenges risk the financial survival of Creators. Creators do not want platforms to own the connection with their followers and loyal fans. They want a direct connection that is not controlled or deleted by third-party platforms.
Creators need to diversify their income across platforms in order to survive, and Livetree provides a compelling case with additional, transparent earning capabilities from blockchain and AI. Our innovative AI agent represents creators' interests and aligns with their collective objectives, liberating them from platform dependency and connecting them with fans through platform independent blockchains. This unlocks new revenue streams and transparent collective intelligence, while ensuring privacy and preserving full algorithmic control.
The challenges faced by creators provide a unique opportunity to drive the widespread adoption of Web 3.0. By diversifying their income streams, creators can bring their followers together and achieve greater returns. Livetree enables creators to leverage existing social platforms as marketing tools, directing their audience to their Livetree collective. This transforms passive audiences into active paying members who are motivated to recruit others, creating a self-reinforcing network effect and rapid user adoption. The diagram below illustrates how Livetree overcomes the network size advantage of large social networks, as creators earn more income, retain ownership, and control their own decentralized AI agents and the entire Livetree platform. This approach will attract creators to Livetree, where they can monetize their content and achieve greater independent financial success.
We are now at an inflection point, Livetree’s infrastructure can accurately tokenize content value, whether that be in the form of advertising revenue, subscription income, tickets, NFTs, or digital sales through blockchain based collectives. Collectives are technically based on OpenZepplin’s modular blockchain system of Governor contracts, which allows the deployment of on-chain voting protocols similar to Compound’s Governor Alpha & Bravo and beyond, through the ability to easily customize multiple aspects of the Collective protocol.