Advisory team

Raul Romanutti - Co-founder / Linkedin

Polkadot governance lead
Raul Romanutti is part of the leadership team with Gavin Wood at Polkadot. He is the governance lead for the Polkadot ecosystem.

Conrad Jackson - Co-founder / Linkedin

Media expert · Hollywood writer · director
Conrad Jackson is known for Falling Overnight and several other major productions with deep Hollywood actor links

Tory Green - Co-founder / Linkedin

Web3 Permabull | VC | 3x Tech COO/CFO | Author of Digital Nations
Tory Green is a seasoned professional in the crypto space, bringing 7 years of experience as a VC and 3-time startup COO/CFO. With a strong background in digital media, Tory's expertise spans over 20 years, including notable positions at renowned companies like Disney and 21st Century Fox. Recognized as a crypto expert, Tory is also the author of "Digital Nations: A Comprehensive Guide to Web3," showcasing their deep knowledge and insights in the field.