Market size

Livetree's launch will revolutionize trillion-dollar markets in data decentralization, advertising, and content industries.
Our strategic market approach provides Creators with unmatched earning opportunities through a diverse set of revenue streams. By earning more, Creators initiate a powerful network effect, on-boarding their fans and fostering the widespread adoption of a decentralized data economy governed by their autonomous AI collectives DAOs.
Key figures:
  1. 1.
    Total Creator AI Data Economy is a $2.781 trillion market. This figure is the sum of two following numbers:
    • TAM of the global AI industry, that was valued at $2 trillion in 2023 according to "Statista"
    • TAM of the global advertising industry, that was valued at $781 billion in 2022 according to "Statista"
  2. 2.
    300M Total Creators and rapidly growing according to Adobe and Linktree Creator report 2022
  3. 3.
    30M Target Creators who are already monetizing content: 15M on YouTube + 0.5M on Nebula + 2.1M on OnlyFans + 0.25M on Patreon + 0.21M on Bigo + 7.2M on Twitch + 0.25M on OpenSea + 0.04 on Stream among others.
  4. 4.
    According to the Source: → 22% own crypto. That’s 6.6M of early adopters.
  5. 5.
    Patreon statistics: $4B valuation at 250K creators onboarded. The Average value per patron is $7. As a point of comparison, Patreon platform lacks the cutting-edge AI and Web3 capabilities that Livetree possesses, highlights the enormous potential within our space. Our conservative target is to on-board at least 50,000 active subscribers within the first year, propelling Livetree beyond a billion-dollar market cap.