The way we consume and create content online is flawed. Major corporations exert control and limit interactions between creators and fans, leading to issues such as unfair financial compensation for creators, undervalued intellectual property, censorship, and algorithmic biases.
Livetree provides a unique solution as a decentralized platform that is owned and controlled by creators, giving them authority over how platform fees are used, content algorithms, and censorship.
Livetree’s user-friendly app and dApp portal simplify blockchain interactions, allowing creators to easily monetize their content on-chain, create new revenue streams, connect directly with fans, and protect their data and intellectual property while ensuring privacy. With advanced AI capabilities, creators can personalize their AI agent and engage with their audience through independent autonomous collectives.
Our cutting-edge infrastructure provides services like live video streaming, multi-chain asset creation, advertising, subscriptions, and digital royalty payments in both crypto and traditional currencies, enhancing creator monetization and user convenience while humanizing blockchain and crypto in general.
Livetree empowers creators to monetize their content, take ownership of their fan relationships, and have control over the platform and underlying infrastructure. By earning more, creators drive a powerful network effect, promoting the widespread adoption of a decentralized data economy governed by their AI collectives. This whitepaper provides an overview of our market approach, AI infrastructure, and the transformative open-source standard EIP 6145.

We aim to revolutionize the content consumption model, shifting from corporate control to transparently connecting through independent collectives we choose to join within a decentralized and fair economy.