AI infrastructure

Livetree's decentralized AI collective infrastructure harnesses the power of Web3, monetizing your data and paving the way for new industries across multiple layers. It serves as a scalable and decentralized platform, functioning as the Zapier equivalent for Web3 AI industries. With features like decentralized data capture, algorithmic monetization, and secure recommendation marketplaces, the infrastructure operates seamlessly within existing EVM miner data centers.
The fees generated within the infrastructure contribute to the Seed Collective (SEDC) network token. This architecture also opens up the possibility for other applications to leverage the AI Model capabilities offered by the underlying infrastructure.
Livetree's infrastructure offers powerful processors for image and video uploads, supporting various functionalities such as speech-to-text, object recognition, landmark identification, optical character recognition (OCR), sentiment analysis, facial recognition, and more. Additionally, the infrastructure is governed by decentralized collectives, giving control over the AIs, their weights, connections, and the server infrastructure on which they operate. The implementation architecture is depicted in the following diagram.
Our technology implements our own EIP-6145 and advances a range of other open-source standards, enabling the unique ability to scale decentrally across miner data centers and open-source developer communities, all of whom are incentivised via SEDC (the token of the network’s decentralized collective that controls the entire network).