2. Livestreamers

Livestreamers often encounter a myriad of challenges on platforms like Twitch, TikTok, Bigo Live, and Steam, including:
  • Limited monetization options
  • High Revenue Cuts
  • Lack of Audience Engagement
  • Limited control over their viewership data
  • Discoverability Issues
Livetree attracts livestreamers, including those from platforms like Bigo with about 212,928 streamers and MAU of 35.4m), Twitch with 7.2M active streamers with its exceptional features tailored for monetizing live content and fostering meaningful audience connections. Unlike other platforms, Livetree enables ticketed live events and direct revenue earning from broadcasts. Integrated sharing features for viral content dissemination, attracting new viewers.
Livetree standout advantage lies in the seamless interaction between livestreamers and their loyal fan base. Personal engagement and transparent communication build a dedicated community, setting Livetree apart from competitors. AI and Web3 collective integration further enhances opportunities, allowing livestreamers to tokenize content, create NFTs, and explore innovative revenue streams within the platform.