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Livetree Tutorials :: Ultimate Guide

Quick guide on how to use Livetree for all users
Livetree is an AI-powered, decentralized network of collectives that provides new revenue streams to creators, nft collectors, and impact ventures via our iOS/android app and dapp. The app requires no blockchain knowledge, and it enables you to join a collective that means a lot to you, watch great livestreams, live chat with people worldwide, send e-gift donations to your favorite creators, and more. As a creator, you can create ticketed live events, make pay-to-view posts, earn from e-gift donations, and get your 1 million collective token for free.
But if it’s your first time downloading the Livetree app, you may not know how to use Livetree.
The ultimate guide will walk you through getting started with Livetree, including essential tips like logging in to Livetree, going live, recharging diamonds on Livetree, and making money from Livetree.
Whether you just downloaded the Livetree app or you have used the app for a while, read this ultimate tutorial to explore more ways to use Livetree.